Dangers Lurking at the Right Edge of the Chart‏ – Video #2

By | February 24, 2015

Have you downloaded the Chop Indicator, watched the video on the “5 Pearls of Trading Wisdom” and are ready for what comes next?

The brand new video I have in store for you today I think might be Coach TJ’s best yet. In this video you’ll learn about the obvious Dangers that are Lurking around every corner when trading. Or, as we like to say at the hard right edge of the trading chart.

==> Watch Trading the Right Edge – Dangers Lurking

Coach TJ discusses why most but NOT ALL traders fail. Looking into the blackness on the hard right edge without knowing with certainty what will happen next, without having control or being able to influence it can be an uneasy feeling for anyone.

Especially a trader who has real money on the line based on the outcome.

You’ve experienced that drama (and stress) right?

What if we could show you how you can actually be right most of the the time – and accept what you can control and clearly what you cannot control in trading?

==> Watch Trading the Right Edge – Dangers Lurking

Coach TJ will show you how to focus on what you can control… Risk. What we trade. When we trade. How we trade. Execution. Suddenly living on the right edge of the chart can be exciting, predictable and get us the outcomes we desire – without it having to be 100%

And the next video Coach TJ is going to share actual live trades he is taking — you’ll see it unfold on your screen so watch the next update in this blog.