Don’t Miss Out The Webinar With Bonuses!

By | February 24, 2015

This upcoming week NetPicks has their first ever release of the Counter Punch Trader to active traders like yourself. There has been considerable buzz building for this event.

As of right now, they have 1,509 people registered to attend one of four webinars (on Wednesday and Thursday) and we want to be sure you are in that list:

To show you just what is possible with the Counter Punch Trader, NetPicks has also put together an impressive video of trades they took live and in real-time.

Counter punch trader webinar time

You’ll get to watch:

  • A live trade on Crude Oil Futures
  • Then a day trade on the GBPUSD
  • A live day trade on the Dow e-Mini
  • Peek at the latest trades for Apple/AAPL

With up to 91% successful trading sessions and trading weeks, the Counter Punch Trader is quite simply hard to “break”.

It all starts with you registering and attending a live webinar this week. They have an offer only for those attending live…bonuses valued at over $2,000 cash value. Plus some benefits exclusive to the webinar. The only catch? You’ve got to register and also attend live:

Watch The Live Trades – Then Register for a Webinar